Central Coast Rockfest 2018 – FAQ

What is the video playing on the home page?

That video inspired our fundraiser. The group calls itself 1000 Rockers. They wanted the Foo Fighters to play a concert in their hometown in Italy and so they undertook this huge production. It worked!

What if it rains on Sunday, April 15, 2018?

We have a back-up date of Saturday, April 22, 2018. Rain will postpone the fundraiser to the next weekend.

How is the sound system going to work?

Guitars, bass guitars and keyboards will be connected to a sound system provided by Bill Gaines Audio in San Luis Obispo. Musicians playing guitar, bass and keyboards will need to provide their own amplifier. All amplified musicians and drummers will be using FM transmitters, which will be made available for purchase for approximately $10. Amps for guitars should be no larger than 16” x 24”, 50 watts. Singers will be sharing stand-up microphones.

Will there be a rehearsal?

Definitely! Sound check and rehearsal of the two Rockfest Band songs will take place earlier that day.  Musicians should learn and practice their parts as shown on the tutorials on the website because we need each instrument playing the songs the same way. Estimated time for rehearsal is 10:00 – 12:00. Musicians will arrive with their equipment and set up before that time. Volunteers will be available to help with equipment transport and setting up.

Will there be security?

Yes. We have a retired SLO PD captain in charge of security for the fundraiser.

Will alcohol be sold or allowed?

Alcohol and drugs are specifically prohibited on the Arroyo Grande High School campus. There will be soft drinks and water available for purchase.

Are coolers allowed?

No. Food trucks 805Taqueria and Pairing Knife will be present, Doc Burnstein’s ice cream will be sold, and the high school clubs will be handling various concessions, so no outside food is permitted.

What about lawn chairs?

The field is reserved for musicians, people providing security, and sound and photography personnel.

The audience will be seated in the football stadium bleachers. There will be no area for lawn chairs.

Is my ticket purchase, donation or sponsorship tax deductible?

Yes. Jack’s Helping Hand is our 501(c) (3) charitable organization and your payment is tax deductible.

Tax ID # 20-4731313.

Can I get video of the event?

Yes, video of the fundraiser will be taken, edited by Arroyo Grande High School students, and available for sale. There will also be photographs taken by professional photographer Ray Ambler and available for purchase on his website.